Welcome to Nalanda

Nalanda School was started in the year 1996 with a view to provide the highest quality of education in Katni. The school is completely committed towards providing the best quality education. Our teachers are handpicked and trained in the latest techniques of teaching in order to provide international standard education. At Nalanda, we believe that education should stimulate thinking rather than learning. In line with this we provide practical, activity based teaching so that our pupils may grow into leaders of tomorrow.

We take special care in providing a nurturing environment for the pupils to excel and fulfill their potential. Our teachers treat every child as their own by providing impeccable care and affection. We stimulate Collaborative learning by encouraging our students to tackle complex problems by working as a team.

At Nalanda, we provide an environment for the students to think critically, enhance their ability and fulfill their potential. We believe that balance is critical to a successful education and offer a wide range of opportunities from athletics to arts to student organizations for our students to explore their passions.

Mission Statement

Nalanda  school’s mission is to build a community of learners, to provide excellence in education and to nurture each student in mind, body, and spirit.

* Our goal in the Lower School is to open a new world of learning for our students.

* Our goal in the Middle School is to provide developmentally-appropriate opportunities to help our students make the journey from dependence to independence.

* Our goal in the Upper School is to prepare our students for success in college and in life.

Presidents note

A great institution celebrates each child, embraces the support of family, delivers outstanding programs, and fosters meaningful relationships between students and teachers.

We believe that to be successful in school as well as in life, children must develop skills that allow them to work with others, bring individual perspectives to a challenge, and have a comprehensive and global understanding of historical and current issues. To achieve this, we provide innovative ways to learn and enhance the students’ knowledge so that they may prosper in life.

 School motto – “tamsoma jyotirgamaya”

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