Welcome to Nalanda

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                   

As the Academic Head, I look forward to partnering with you to ensure all children are celebrated and supported. Together, we will ensure that we maintain our tradition of excellence and community that makes NALANDA School such a special place.

I have devoted my career to educating, inspiring, and advocating for students, both as a classroom teacher and as an administrator. I am looking forward to bring my passion, enthusiasm and experience to cultivate the academic excellence and nurture the hidden potential in every Nalandian.

We, Nalanda school are very grateful to our parents for their sincere involvement in the school. Without their single minded co-operation between the school and home we cannot offer the holistic education towards which we are striving.

During this unprecedented time, Nalanda school has earned all the support and cooperation from each and every parent, guardian, student, faculty member at every step and I look forward to the same collaboration and support so that we embrace all the challenges with confidence, steadfastness and fortitude.

Best Regards.